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28th of April

We have three dogs available at the moment!


Atlas - 2011-01-19 - (Vi'skaly's A Spoonful of Stardust x Rivergroves Murphy Goode)

Atlas is an all white male with nice pigmentation. He is very used to children and well socialised with "city life". He is re-homed due to personal circumstances in the prior family. A tall and proud male with a very happy and out-going character. Atlas has not been shown officialla, but sure has the potential of stepping into the show ring. If interested, we would consider scoring his hips.


Kata - 2013-07-07 - (Vi'skaly's Ka Ata Killa Qui-My x Vi'skaly's African Tunda)

Kata has grown up with us and our dogs, and she is a very beautiful female! She has a sweet expression and a wonderful coat, good size and splendid pigmentation. We would love for her to go to a home where she will be shown and potentially bred from (after completing her health tests).


Ebba - 2013-10-30 - (Ströndafjorden's Bea Zita x Vi'skaly's Stage Diver)

Ebba has been in another home for only a few weeks before coming back to us due to issues with the other dogs (not involving Ebba). She is a very social and happy girl with the an energetic attitude and lots of play on her mind. She has a very strong contruction and great pigmentation. Her markings are still quite dark and she will keep a wolf-grey colour.


And not forgetting the bragging. 2013 "has been and gone", but we remember the titans! This is just the cream on the top, we're proud to say 2013 has been yet another very successful year and we are ever so grateful for the nice words, the strong support, the sweet and devoted puppy buyers and - and course - for the wonderful life we're able to live surrounded by are highly beloved Pyrs!


  • Breeze - PYR OF THE YEAR! Not forgetting - at the age of 8!
  • Uno - PYR #2 OF THE YEAR!
  • Katia - MOUNTAIN DOG OF THE YEAR! Reserve CC at Crufts 2014! Specialty BIS Winner. BOB at the Danish Specialty 2013!
  • Qlara - BOS at the National Specialty 2013!
  • Messi - MOUNTAIN DOG #2 OF THE YEAR! Specialty BIS Winner.
  • Poppy - SWEDISH WINNER 2013!
  • Eros - SWEDISH WINNER AND SWEDISH JUNIOR WINNER 2013! Semi-finalist at Pup of the Year! Best Puppy at Crufts 2014!


And of course, some results from the National Specialty in Karlstad 2014...


  • Katia Best of Breed
  • Uno 2nd Best Male
  • BooBoo Best Puppy in Breed
  • Pumpan BOS Puppy in Breed




26th of November

We have puppies. Not one, not two - a whole little precious bunch of them!

Oh, we've longed for these babies. Sooo, so much! And - at last - they are here! Both Bea and Quila and now proud mothers and we are thrilled to bits with the outcome. All puppies are beautifully marked - and there are 2 girls plus 3 boys in Bea and Uno's litter, and 2 girls plus 7 boys in Quila and Messi's litter. Contact us for more information, pictures, pedigree and let us know if you are interested in a puppy.


Long time no bragging - perhaps should mention Eros' win in Växjö! Best in Show Puppy and qualified for Puppy of the Year at Grand Hotel in spring. His full name is Vi'skaly's Harlem Shake, and he is the third Pyr to ever qualify to this event! First ever was our sweet Poppy, and two years ago Katia was qualified.


Back to the babies! Take care.


28th of October

Just kidding!

Puppies are due in the end of November. Of course. And not December! We'se got the names down, but don't hesitate to drop us an e-mail or give us a call if you're interested in a puppy from these litters!


24th of October

Sooo many plans, sooo little time!

Who's surprised if I let you in on the secret about us having puppies at Christmas Eve!? Haha, well, thought so. Soon we're scanning Quila (who is newly bred with our lovely Spanish import Messi) and judged on the fact that she had her puppies quite early the last time, we have to be on "stand by" for Christmas. But hey! Nevermind. Can't imagine better present! Wrapped in placenta and embrane instead of cute paper with deers, snow and Santa's little helpers...anyhow! Perhaps it's time for the good old name theme "the deers of Santa"?! Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen and Rudolf? Why not! Sooo, Quila (and Messi - although your work is kind of dealt with already) - we order nine beautiful little puppies! Thank you very much!


But, who is surprised is I say that this isn't the only litter we're having? It's not even the most current one. Nope! Beautiful Ströndafjorden's Bea Zita has come to live with us and we love this girl to bits! She's been bred with Uno (who, of course, makes his best to make the new girl at the kennel feel welcome!) and puppies are expected VERY SOON. Perhaps next weekend! Fingers crossed all goes well.


Other than all of the above mentioned, it's been kind of calm at Vi'skaly's. No big shows. Of course, not to forget about the success in France for Vi'skaly's Harry Honda at Kington! RCAC! Can't even start to explain how terribly proud we are. But then again - calm is hard to say. As soooo many of the babies from Katia are going abroad, they are still with us waiting to get all the vaccinations in order and so on. Nice as pie and keen as mustard! Sweet little things. But oh!, the energy. Anyhow, journey are starting to get planned - so soon the new families will be able to enjoy these princesses and princes.


"Next big thing coming up", other than the puppies, is the "BPH" on Sunday (which is a new way of describing a dog's mentality in Sweden, going through different types of tests and situations. We've decided to bring Katia and Messi. After that it's time for Växjö International (2nd of November) where we've actually only entered 1 dog! And crazy bouncy Mr Jumpalute (Alaskan Malamute born with too many loose springs and too much explosivity in his legs). Will see how that story ends! :)


Aaaand, of course, one of the "top parts of autumn" - the big puppy show in Malmö! If you've never been there, please do attend the 10th of November and see some sweet and promising puppies. The eyes, the noses, the coats...oouuiiii, puppies! Have cuddles! What other acitivty could possibly be better for a cold Sunday in November?! See you there!


Below, a picture of Garbo - thinking the painting is OWH, soooo much prettier now! Munchkin.



















17th of September

Puppies, shows, a new farm and lots and lots of other things!

Doesn't time fly? Since my last update I cannot even think of how many things have happened...of course, we went to the lovely club show (went and went, we worked like maniacs to get it all going - as usual!) - and the results were very pleasing. For Mr Howard Tonks, Vi'skaly's Mama Quilla a.k.a. Qlara was Best Bitch (Quila's daughter with Murphy), co-owned with Jonas and Åsa Ohlin (who keeps her in great shape). Qlara was beautifully shown by Jessica Persson. We got Best Puppy with Vi'skaly's Harlem Shake (owned by Nina Danielsson), and Best Veteran with Vi'skaly's A Breeze of Alaska. Best Male and Best of Breed was Ströndafjorden's Börre - who you knwo we love and have used in our breeding programme. Well done and congratulations to Vivi with family! Vi'skaly's also got Best Breeder's Group. In Best Male, we had Helleborus de la Borda d'Urtx (Messi - our Spanish import), Vi'skaly's Stage Diver (Uno) and Chenespace Roi pour Vi'skaly's (our Finnish import). In Best Bitch we had Qlara of course, and then Vi'skaly's A Breeze of Alaska and Vi'skaly's Jillaroo Spirit (owned by Lina and Marcus Isaksson-Funke). On the Sunday the results were kind of similar, and we're very pleased!


At the show at Öland, a beautiful island in Sweden, we had such a great time! In the breed ring we got all CACs, BOB, BOS, Best Veteran, Best Puppy and Best Breeder's Group for judge Svante Frisk. In the finals beautiful Eros (Harlem Shake) was Best in Show Puppy #2 , his father Uno was 2nd in the Group, Breeze was shortlisted in the Veteran finals and our Breeder's Group was BEST IN SHOW for well-known judge Carl-Gunnar Stafberg. We're thrilled!


But, during all of this - we've had millions and millions of puppy cuddles. Sadly, the puppies got infected with nasty bacteria as Katia caught a mastit caused by klepsiella. So, it's been quite hard work getting them all going! Now at 10 weeks of age they are all here with us, except Jaki who got better first of them all and was declared healthy enough to go to his new forever home together with Gunilla and Ingemar in Vännäs. Still hard work with the others! It's the first time ever that we've had bad luck like this with puppies - so I guess we should be grateful for the good luck we've had before! Beautiful puppies though. Beautiful!


And and and - on top of this - I have found myself a farm! So, I've moved during the last month or so, dogs going here and there, fencing being done and so on. Still just room enough to bring two dogs, but planning to do the rest of the fencing so that I can bring my crazy malamute! And also probably Poppy. The puppies we keep will spend weekends with me and weekdays with mum. The adult dogs will take turns, depending on who needs most physical training at the moment and so on. By the way, in the only 10 minutes down the road from mum - so the kennel will still "be the same" and we're still equally active :)


More! Messi is hipscored with HD B as result! We're so happy :)

14th of July

Back from the big 2 x summer show in Tvååker :)

At last I'm back from a wonderful show in Tvååker, where we always stay in a lovely cottage literally right beside the showground. The weather Gods have been generous and the sun joined us nonstop - for good and bad! Of course it's lovely with nice and warm weather, but I kind of felt like clown telling Peikko in the finals that "Hey, come on boy! Let's have fun!", when all he wanted was to have a rest in the shade. Anyhow! The weekend has been joyful in oh, so many ways. Great company, and great results! Peikko - Chenespace Roi pour Vi'skaly's - our Finnish troll - was Best of Breed both days, joined in the challenge by Breeze - Vi'skaly's A Breeze of Alaska - who put the younger girls in place by winning Best Opposite Sex from Veteran class both days. We congratulate the owners of the CAC winners as well - Marilena, Ann & Johan Mellberg and Camilla Sjögren & Per-Arne Fredriksson.


In the finals Peikko put on a great show for judge Elizabeth Feuz from Austria, and was placed 3rd in tough competition. Breeze was very tired on the Friday, but for judge Phil Collins from Australia on the Saturday, she floated around the ring with the attitude of a queen! And finished no less than 3rd Best Veteran in Show! This is a show where all breed groups are judged on the same day, resulting in A LOT of dogs participating in finals as Best Puppy and Best Veteran. So, we're very proud!




7th of July

The puppies are here!

We''ve waited "crazy long" for these puppies! Beautiful Katia - Vi'skaly's Ka Ata Killa Qui-Mu was bred with Obii - Vi'skaly's African Tunda - just days before Katia won the group in Lidköping and was Best in Show 3 for judge Espen Engh. With approximately 35 days left until the puppies were due, Katia was Best of Breed the 2nd day of the Danish National for Pyrs for judge Einar Paulsen. Now, the 7th of July, she had the smoothest of whelpings and delivered 9 beautifully blaireau marked puppies. There were 3 boys and 6 girls, and at the moment we have 1, perhaps 2, pet females still available.














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